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Coconut2D Kickstarter

Coconut2D IDE unifies HTML5, iOS and Android game development with JavaScript, Emscripten and OpenGL ES2 in a Flash-like environment.

mobileFX Coconut2D Studio Alpha

mobileFX Coconut2D Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapid prototyping of 2D Games and Apps. The key feature of this IDE is that a game is automatically compiled as a HTML5 JavaScript WebGL application and as a separate native iOS and Android OpenGL ES application.

Coconut2D gets 3D!!

mobileFX Coconut2D SDK team started porting ThreeJS 3D JavaScript Library in CocoScript. This is an experiment and we hope that Coconuters will soon be able to develop 3D games both for HTML5 Browsers and desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Porting is done automatically by CocoScript Compiler that trans-codes classic Prototype-based JavaScript to Object Oriented JavaScript Classes.

mobileFX Coconut2D IDE gets to battle!

Coconut2D IDE team will be developing a "Plants vs Zombies" variant Sample game along with documentation and Video Tutorials for demonstrating Tower Defence game development using Coconut2D SDK and IDE in under 24 hours.

mobileFX Coconut2D Studio gets Emscripten!

mobileFX Coconut2D Studio team has successfully developed an automatic binding mechanism between CocoScript Compiler and Emscripten generated JavaScript Libraries. Coconut2D SDK now supports a library model where C++ Libraries can be compiled with Emscripten into JavaScript automatically and bind with existing CocoScript Frameworks, from within the Coconut2D IDE.

First to test was Box2D Physics Engine with breath-taking performance results. Emscripten technology will also be used as a release post-optimization method for HTML5 Coconut2D Projects; in short a Coconut2D project will be compiled from CocoScript (which is JavaScript with classes) to C++ and then recompiled with Emscripten back to JavaScript in order to take advantage of the performance optimizations of the CLang compiler.

Coconut2D gets Box2D Physics

mobileFX Coconut2D SDK team started porting Box2D Physics Engine in CocoScript. This is an experiment and the first results show we are on the right track! The IDE team will add Physics support in Animation Scene Editor allowing developers to add physics properties to their animation elements.

Coconut 2D at London ICE 2014

Release of the alpha version of Coconut 2D at ICE Exhibition in London UK. With just 9 sqm stand we got the first important vibes about the product and some good leads and feedback. Thank you GSRT and gi-cluster!! Next milestone is a kick starter and the beta release of the product, stay tuned!


Napoleon Tic Tac Toe for mobileFX iGaming

Released Napoleon Tic Tac Toe, a project developed by mobileFX PCC and/for mobileFX iGaming. Powerful AI algorithm with two levels (easy and hard, very challenging, even for expert players). Advanced features such as saving games, zoom, scroll forward and backward during the phases of each game, excellent sounds and music, etc.

mobileFX Funding Approved!

mobileFX 2-year Business Plan for Research and Development of Coconut2D Core Technology and collaborative project Gamelot was successfully approved.

Coconut2D Specs Finalized

Coconut2D SDK and IDE research milestones are set! Ok CocoTeam, heads up and start coding...


Infocom Apps 2012 Award

mobileFX receiving an Innovation Award for mobileFX Studio 7 at Infocom Apps 2012, for the world-wide success of our product. mobileFX Studio 7 was used to develop over 800 applications world-wide for featurephones and smartphones, has two download world records on Proximity Marketing Campaigns (Yahoo! and Microsoft) and it is an official case study on Adobe PhoneGap site.

Office Renovation and Team Expansion

We renovated our office and hired new staff to man a Games Development Research Studio. We will be researching on iGaming, Social, Serious and Tower Defence Game Engines for our new project with codename Coconut2D.

Starting new Product Development

Having collected valuable experience on IDE design for mobile applications and games, we released the first draft for our new product, mobileFX Coconut2D. We propose the design and implementation of an application development compatibility layer that at low-level it would adapt with major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. and at high-level it would expose a JavaScript programming model and a Canvas rendering model based on OpenGL. This abstraction layer will incorporate HTML5 semantics in order to maintain a degree of compatibility with HTML5 and allow generation of HTML5 web applications and Hybrid TV applications too. At low level and for each platform the core implementation will be coded in native language (Java, C++, Objective C, etc.). Given the complexity of native coding and OpenGL API, mobile application developers are often driven to develop hybrid HTML5 applications that lack features and performance compared to native applications. This proposition ensures that traditional HTML5 developers will still be coding using known semantics and JavaScript but with native performance. Our current product mobileFX Studio 7 maintains Runtime Frameworks for two code-bases and developers are required to implement in both; with the new design we will start from scratch and this obstacle will be eliminated.

We are a company!!

mobileFX team has successfully registered as a new start-up company. mobileFX Private Capital Company (mobileFX PCC / EL800434209 / DUNS 363277902) was established on September 2012 by Mr Elias G. Politakis and Mrs Lina Kalostipi. mobileFX has pre-existed as a brand name for many years as an "individual/personal company" of Mr Politakis, thus the new legal entity of the company kicks off with significant experience and intellectual property rights in form of software products and trademarks, as well as innovation, products awards and customer track record.

At mobileFX there is no complex administrative structure; more specifically, company organizational and operational structure follows the Extreme Professionals (XP) model where Administration, Marketing and Development are tight coupled in order to foster decisions on the system development process. The XP techniques adopted are viewed as methods for rapidly building and disseminating institutional knowledge among the members of the team. The goal is to provide a shared view of the system at all levels which matches the view held by the users and customers of the system. To this end, XP favors simple designs, common metaphors, collaboration of all members, frequent verbal communication, and feedback. The key benefit of such structure is flexibility where at the same time due to the small size of the team, principles are intended to be more concrete than the values and more easily translated to guidance in a practical situation.


gi-Cluster was established early in 2012 with the mission to become a fully functional innovation and business ecosystem with substantial international market share, which will be able to support viable industry growth and competitiveness, while gradually evolving into a world-class cluster and contribute towards elevating Greece in the global competitiveness chart.


Vodafone Digital Signage

Space Hellas integrates mobileFX Digital Signage technology and H&S Content Services in their Vodafone DigiRetail solution. Over 600 monitors nation-wide, one of the biggest Interactive Digital Signage Networks in Greece. Thank you guys!

theloSouvlakia mobile: one of the best apps for 2011

mobileFX develops the mobile application for The application offers finding food delivery restarants in an extremely fast manner either by a smart lookup, or by using GPS proximity features. Users can view restaurant menu and place an order on-line. The soulvapp hit second place on Apple's AppStore and gets nominated as one of the best apps in Greece for 2011.

mobileFX develops 'Endemol Deal' Mobile Game for ANT1

mobileFX and Audiotex developed the mobile version of the successful TV show game Deal for ANT1 and Endemol. Deal was the last J2ME app we developed adding up to a successfull total of over 800 applications developed for Mobile Marketing and Proximity Marketing campaigns world-wide with mobileFX technology.

February 2010

Ermis Mobile Marketing Gold Award

Ogilvy One game 'COSMOTE Space Monkey' developed by mobileFX and Mobile Media receives the Ermis Gold Award on Mobile Marketing. Thank you Vicky and Antoine!

GSM Mobile World Congress 2009

We successfully exhibited and presented our products and services at GSM Mobile World Congress in Barcellona, Spain. During the event we were surprised to find out that there were two more stands with mobileFX-powered-branded mobile marketing campaigns, 3GSM Dating and Bluegiga had marketing mobile applications developed by our clients!


Yahoo! in download first by BluePod and mobileFX

Yahoo has become the first advertiser to break through the half- million download mark in a single campaign with Bluetooth ads-to-mobile specialist Bluepod Media with mobileFX Proximity Marketing Technology.

February 2007